Software to help Coimbatore cops track hotel guest list – The New Indian Express

Express press service

COIMBATORE: Coimbatore City Police is developing software to facilitate the process of updating hotel stay information in the city. Hotels can update their guests’ stay information to the police every day online using this software.

“With this software, we can get instant updates on who is staying at which hotel. Information from all hotels, restaurants and lodges can be accessed by the police on one platform. This software will be used soon,” said the Municipal Police Commissioner V. Balakrishnan told TNIE.

There are around 2,000 hotels, restaurants and private lodges operating in the area. If they rent out living spaces, they must collect customer details and the list must be submitted to the local police station every day, according to police sources.

Police officials said hotel stay information listings play a major role in crime prevention, especially in catching remote criminals.

“In addition to their checklist, the police often conduct spot checks to prevent malpractice. On important days and VIP visits, the police thoroughly check hotel checklists as a preventive measure against crime,” they said. they stated.

Currently, hotels in the city of Coimbatore are requested to provide the information of the stay to the relevant police stations by e-mail. Balakrishnan on Saturday, in a meeting with hoteliers at the city’s police station, said they did not need to come to police stations in person to submit the list and could send the list by e-mail until the launch of the software.

The commissioner insisted that hoteliers verify guests’ proof of age while admitting minors and children to prevent crimes against children. “Police cannot interfere with allowing unmarried couples to stay. But everyone should be vigilant when minors are staying in hotels,” he said. The commissioner also said they should ensure pubs and private bars are drug-free.

Kasandra J. Stone