Opening of the 5-star hotel Moeesy Blue & Green Oasis in the town of Hvar this summer

February 14, 2022 – The Moeesy Blue & Green Oasis Hotel will transform the existing Hotel Croatia into a 5-star hotel with 37 rooms, 4 suites and an exclusive presidential suite.

Hvar Town will be upgraded with another five-star hotel this summer, reports Dalmatinski Portal.

This blue-green oasis is located on the seaside promenade, on a green area of ​​about 5000 m2. Croatia-Hvar doo has launched an investment worth 100 million kuna, which includes the reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing facilities and the environment of the hotel Croatia, which has so far worked in category 3 stars. The investment includes increasing the hotel’s categorization to five stars, so the company’s management decided to rename the hotel, which includes the name change. The new hotel will be called MOEESY BLUE & GREEN OASIS because the name merges a mosaic of blue and green oases that, like poetry, merge into the peace and beauty that will provide accommodation for tourists in its stunning setting.

This is a financially valuable and very demanding construction investment, given that it is a complete reconstruction and rehabilitation within the existing hotel building. A beautiful stone staircase will remain inside the hotel, and everything else is being completely reconstructed.

The hotel will have 41 accommodation units, including 37 rooms, four suites and an exclusive presidential suite. The modern and airy design is a hallmark of the hotel and will surely delight tourists at the hotel. The restaurant will showcase the chef’s direct contact with hotel guests through show cooking, with a cascading restaurant, bar and booths. Pleasant ambience and accessibility to every guest are the qualities that have adorned the current management and staff of the hotel, which will be maintained and continually elevated to an even higher standard. As a result, hotel guests will experience the highest level of luxury during their stay.

The great novelty is that the hotel will have an outdoor swimming pool located to the west of the hotel which will be organized in cascades to follow the configuration of the terrain. In addition, this facility will have an indoor swimming pool and a spa center that will offer massages, a sauna and a large gym. This content ensures that the hotel can operate outside the summer period, that is, deep into the pre-season and post-season, which is the goal of hotel management. and is part of the Croatian national tourism strategy. The reconstruction and rehabilitation works of the hotel include the complete arrangement of horticulture around the building itself so that an oasis of greenery is maintained around the hotel and preserves the recognizability that the building had until now. now. The horticulture project includes the replacement of old trees with young ones representing Mediterranean cultures. In addition, all existing palm trees will be retained, so there will be a palm alley in the southern part of the hotel.

This investment can be called a “hotel and family project” because it has the unique feature that three generations of the same family participate in the management and ownership of the hotel. Stanislav Visković is the director of the company and a representative of the third generation who manages the hotel and works to improve the quality of work and the hotel offer.

“This investment will enrich the offer of the city of Hvar and the whole of Croatian tourism and will follow the trends of investment in high-category facilities for which there are special interests of tourists. In the Croatian tourist market, the task is to achieve it,” says Visković. .

While the pandemic has created significant problems in the tourism market, it has also highlighted the need to invest in very large capacity facilities, as these facilities had excellent occupancy during the pandemic. Visković further emphasizes the essential role of partners in the implementation of this project.

“This project, with the funds of the investing company and the support of HAMAG-BICRO, is monitored by the Hrvatska poštanska banka, which has become a financial and operational partner of the project because it is involved in the complete process of preparation and implementation implementation of the project. In addition, the management of Hrvatska poštanska banka, in particular the office in Split, directly follows and supports the project itself. Therefore, the opening of the hotel will be a source of pride for all of us who really participated in the project in partnership,” he says.

Construction is expected to be completed by May 1, 2022, after which the hotel will be fitted with furnishings, obtain a use permit, and finalize categorization. The hotel is expected to receive its first guests at the end of June 2022. The expected markets are the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia, Germany and other markets with higher purchasing power. A night in a hotel in high season will be 600 to 800 euros in a double room and 1160 to 1800 euros in an apartment, depending on the category of the room or suite.

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Kasandra J. Stone