Hotel guest VERY confused by ‘insulting’ breakfast

A HOTEL guest was stunned after finding out he could get takeaway breakfast at the hotel – and got something very different.

The guest wrote on Reddit that he was given the breakfast bag because he had to leave early.


A hotel guest was very confused by his takeaway breakfastCredit: Reddit

They wrote: “The hotel offered us a to-go breakfast of pastries and coffees for a very early departure. Open bag to find this sandwich.”

What he was served in the photo was a sad-looking sandwich with vegetables, appearing to be broccoli and thin slices of carrot.

They added: “Yes, these are giant chunks of incredibly crunchy marinated spicy romesco.

“On dry white bread with moist slices of another undetermined vegetable. And nothing else.”

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They did not name or shame the hotel or reveal what country they were in.

But hundreds of people were stunned by the sandwich, sharing their shock on the forum.

One person said, “How do you take that as anything other than an insult.”

Another asked: “Did you fuck the hotel staff during your stay?”

A third said: ‘If I’m being honest with you all I see is a crime against humanity on soggy bread.

Some shared their own bad experiences: “I once had a carrot sandwich on a British Airways flight. Literally… grated carrots on bread.”

A hotel employee recently explained why you should never eat eggs or waffles at the breakfast buffet.

It’s not that bad – a woman has revealed how she bought a huge breakfast for just £3 at her local Holiday Inn hotel.

And it’s not just hotels serving the sad food – as a number of passengers have found something similar on their flight.

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An easyJet passenger has paid £5 for a half-empty veggie sandwich which he called ‘the worst airline food ever’.

And a Jet2 passenger was shocked to order a sandwich only to receive a bun with just salad in it.

Guests can often request grab-and-go breakfast if leaving early


Guests can often request grab-and-go breakfast if leaving earlyCredit: Getty

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