Hotel guest uses coffee machine to boil ‘disgusting’ meal – and people are all saying the same thing

A HOTEL guest has left people horrified after revealing what he uses his coffee maker for.

Explaining that he was hungry after returning from a festival, he shared the disgusting meal on Reddit.


A hotel guest has left people disgusted by his use of his coffee machineCredit: Reddit

The image, titled “Hotel Coffee Maker Poached Beef Strips After Music Festival” shows half-cooked beef strips under the coffee maker.

He explained: “I was coming home from a festival. I wanted to splurge on a good meal but decided to go grocery shopping instead.

“I went to Walmart and got a thin top slice, sliced ​​against the grain and poached.”

He added that he is normally a “good hotel guest”, saying, “I cleaned the coffee maker before and after using it.

“I only poured pure water. I cleaned my room before leaving.

However, netizens were unimpressed – one person said, “What is it really?”

Another agreed: “Everyone in this hotel hates you now.”

A third said: “Whoever eats it deserves a medal”.

Another guest was horrified after looking in the coffee maker in his hotel room and finding mushrooms there.

A hotel employee also agreed never to use it, saying in a TikTok video: “Don’t use, and I repeat, don’t use the coffee maker in your room.

“All the water used and accumulated in coffee makers leads to dampness which is a cesspool of bacteria, mold and germs – it’s disgusting.”

You might also want to skip the kettle – as it turns out some customers like to use kettles to clean their underwear.

People were horrified by his meal (stock image)


People were horrified by his meal (stock image)Credit: Getty

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