Hotel guest fumes over mean act at pool bar

A swim-up bar might seem like a luxurious addition to a relaxing vacation, but one customer warns people that it’s not just the water in the pool that you swim in.

“Pro tip: Avoid the pool with the swim-up bar.” TikTok user twofoodpiggies wrote on her video, showing a pool bar at a resort in Mexico.

As she circles the pool, people can be seen swimming, sitting, and drinking at resort tables.

The TikToker user was disgusted by what other guests were doing in the hotel pool. Source: TikTok/twofoodpiggies

“A girl did not understand why some people left the pool to go to the bathroom”, the disgusted TikToker captioned the videowhich has been liked over 95,000 times.

Users divided over pool bar etiquette: ‘Never swim again’

Thousands of users have commented on the video, with many admitting they are guilty of relieving themselves in swimming pools.

“That’s what chlorine is for,” wrote one user.

“Here’s another pro tip, everyone pees in the pool,” wrote another.

“Deeerrr that’s the point of the pool bar you never have to leave,” someone else joked.

Several disgusted users slammed other TikTokers for admitting they don’t see the point of not going out to use the bathroom.

“That’s why I refuse to go to swimming pools,” said one woman.

“Stayed at this hotel,” another user commented. “I watched people sit at the pool bar, drink all day and not go out. I didn’t use that pool.”

“Went on a cruise and watched a bunch of people sit and drink in a pool for hours,” another added.

Others said it already turned them off using a pool bar.

“The number of people admitting to peeing in a pool in this comment section disgusts me,” one of the leading comments said.

“I will never swim in a pool again.” agreed another.

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Kasandra J. Stone