Greece’s digital transformation is reshaping the hotel guest experience

Photo source: Hotel ONOMA

Digital transformation is gradually becoming an indispensable tool in the hands of Greek hoteliers who want to scale their business and elevate the experiences they offer customers, said tourism experts during a panel discussion at the 1st International Conference on Business and Hospitality.

Entitled “Digital transformation and tourism”, the discussion took place at Athens Monday between Fulvio GiannettiCEO and Head of Data Science at Lybra Tech; Dimitra Nikolidirector of operations at Αnatole Hospitality; Katerina Santikou, Founder and Managing Director of Workathlon; and Dimitris Serifis CEO of Neliosa Greek digital marketing agency.

Data is knowledge

After two years of Covid-19, Greek hoteliers are increasingly aware of the benefits of digital transformation, gradually adopting smart solutions and digital tools. During this time, the data collected and processed inside the hotel are considered valuable and could drive growth in the years to come.

Data is knowledge and therefore hoteliers need to take a more data-driven approach to target the right audiences. Nelios Dimitris Serifis said at the conference.

According to Serifis, digital marketing helps hoteliers cross geographic boundaries and target audiences based on their interests, income, demographics, or even hobbies.

In addition, it offers the possibility for hoteliers to collect data in their property, directly with customers, based on their behavior.

“Hoteliers can achieve awesome things as long as they understand the value of the data collected inside their properties“said Serifis and underlined that this process could change the tourism model of Greece and mixed tourism products in the future.

Harness the benefits of digital transformation

Although the Greek tourism sector is far from reaping the full benefits of digital transformation, the Covid-19 pandemic has motivated hoteliers to further evolve and adopt digital solutions. Additionally, it has prompted travelers to book travel online and seek out digital experiences.

Thessaloniki ONOMA Hotel is one of the few hotels in Greece to have fully embraced new technologies offering travelers unique digital experiences inside the property.

Photo source: Hotel ONOMA

“ONOMA offers the possibility to its customers to develop their activities in a digital environment from the moment they check in until they leave,” said Dimitra NikoliCOO of Anatolia Hospitality Group, owner of ONOMA.

During the event, Nikoli presented some of these experiences, including the ONOMA application which offers customers a contactless check-in process and a electronic key for their room; a personalized Tablet to adjust the operations inside the room as well as push notifications provide experiences inside and outside the hotel premises.

The session on “digital transformation and tourism” was moderated by Insider Journalist Niki Papazoglou.

The 1st International Business and Hospitality Conference was organized by Liquid Media and Insider.

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Kasandra J. Stone