Drunk Receptionist Groped Carlisle Hotel

A DRUNK Carlisle Hotel guest who groped an 18-year-old receptionist after he climbed over a counter to reach her has been placed on the sex offender registry.

Bradley Wright, 36, was staying at the hotel with his partner when his lewd behavior led to him being arrested and charged with a sexual offence, Carlisle’s Rickergate Court has heard. He admitted to having been the victim of sexual assault.

Prosecutor George Shelley showed the court CCTV footage of the August 27 incident, showing how the receptionist at the Carlisle Hotel sat at her desk behind a counter, which was also fitted with plastic covid screens.

The receptionist was working alone at her desk when Wright – looking unusually animated – approached her and started chatting.

“He was drunk and making suggestive comments to her,” Mr Shelley said. CCTV footage captured the moments Wright climbed onto the counter, passed the Perspex screens and attempted to kiss the teenager.

He touched her right hip and thigh as he pinned her to her chair and kissed her on the face, Mr Shelley said. The receptionist was seen trying to push Wright away, then ordering him out of his office.

“She had booked the defendant and his partner into a room the day before,” Mr Shelley said. “She reported the incident to her manager who, after viewing the CCTV footage, contacted the police.”

When police later arrested Wright and put him in a van ready for the trip to the police station, he became aggressive, threatening to urinate in it. He then did. “The vehicle could then no longer be used until it had been cleaned.”

The defendant, who also admitted causing criminal damage to a police vehicle, had a criminal record of 30 prior offences, including two offenses against the person and two against property.

The court then received a summary of a statement made by the 18-year-old victim after she was sexually assaulted. She said she already suffered from anxiety and what happened made it worse.

She was unable to sleep properly and experienced physical symptoms related to increased anxiety, including shaking legs and tightening chest. “I haven’t gone back to work because I can’t deal with it,” she said.

Defending Jeff Smith said Wright came to Carlisle for a break with his partner, who was in court supporting him. Mr Smith said: ‘He did what he knew he shouldn’t have done: he drank vodka – I would imagine a significant amount of vodka.

“Regarding what you just saw[le CCTV]Mr. Wright does not remember any details. Seeing that, I imagine, creates a great deal of disgust in him. I imagine his partner in the back of the field feels the same way.

“He meant no harm. But he was drunk – very drunk.

Mr Smith said Wright, of Boundary Walk, Liverpool, had recently returned to work as a scaffolder and his life was taking on a shape he liked. “But he is disgusted with his behavior,” added the lawyer.

Magistrates noted that the defendant committed the offense while drunk and climbed onto the desk in front of covid screens to assault the teenager. They imposed a 12-month community order, with 200 hours of unpaid work.

Wright must pay his victim compensation of £500, as well as costs of £85 and a victim fine surcharge of £114. For the criminal offense he was ordered to pay £150 compensation to Cumbria Police.

Because he is now convicted of a sex offense and is serving a 12-month community order, Wright will be on the sex offender registry for five years, magistrates said. He must report to his local police station within three days and provide his personal details.

The defendant was told he could settle his £749 debt to the court at a rate of £100 per month.

Kasandra J. Stone